Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Potatoes, Lemon & Rosemary


Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Potatoes, Lemon & Rosemary

Vegan roasted cauliflower soup with potatoes, lemon, and rosemary is easy to make, very rewarding, and so scrumptious.

An overhead, off-entered shot of a head of cauliflower in plastic wrap. The label says “Chou Fleur” in blue.

This vegan roasted cauliflower soup dish is simple in numerous methods. There are 5 seasonal and available primary active ingredients. It’s simply a roast and mix sort of affair, so there’s very little hands-on time. A bowl is so warm and filling by itself, while the flavour and fulfillment is simple to value also.

There are apparent velvety and nutty qualities, however simply the ideal high note of level of acidity from a capture of lemon waves hey there when required. Rosemary is woodsy and warm. Potatoes integrate with the cauliflower to make a seriously velvety purée. This is a dish I depend on in the closing stage of Winter season. There is much to prepare for the seedlings and developing jobs of warmer days, however for now there are durable veggies and hot ovens to remain faithful to.

In the previous couple weeks I have actually made not one, however 2 things that were overall failures. The very first was a batch of gluten totally free and vegan cinnamon buns that simply tumbled in every method. The 2nd incident was a flax granola that was, as I believed it would be, much too flax-y for my preference. One day they will concern me (however not in fact on that flax granola cleaning my hands of that). Tenured chefs get it incorrect in some cases and the idea of this supplies convenience, a laugh and the inspiration to proceed.

So I carried on to something I understood front to back and all through the dreamy middle. I utilized to prepare at a little café and when I made it up, this roasted cauliflower soup was constantly gotten with a specific stunned approval. The rosemary scent and deep-warming nature of it brought individuals around I believe. More easy mixed soup goodness in the kind of this kabocha squash one here, coconut green soup here, or this fennel walnut soup with turmeric here.

Hope you’re all having some relaxing and simple days by the oven or anywhere you like to be. I had a quick peek of sunbeams and chirping birds on a getaway today, so I understand that the world is at deal with something fantastic for all of us over once again in the coming months. Be warm in the meantime!

2 photos: one is a sprig of rosemary on top of a wooden cutting board. The other is an overhead shot of a roasting tray with browned onions, cauliflower, and potatoes with a squeezed lemon half.

An overhead shot of a bowl of vegan roasted cauliflower soup, garnished with croutons and chopped parsley. The soup is beige. The bowl is on a beige napkin, which is on top of a wooden cutting board.

Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Potatoes, Rosemary & Lemon

Vegan roasted cauliflower soup with potatoes, lemon, and rosemaryis easy to make, very rewarding, and so scrumptious.

PREPARATION TIME 15 minutes COOK TIME 1 hr OVERALL TIME 1 hr 15 minutes

Course Essentials, Main Dish, Soup Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 4 -6

Author: Laura Wright


  • Mixer



  • 1 big head of cauliflower
  • 1 pound yukon gold potatoes, scrubbed
  • 2 medium yellow onions, papery skin gotten rid of
  • 1-2 tablespoons fresh rosemary leaves
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 5-6 cups veggie stock

To Serve (optional)

  • more olive oil
  • croutons
  • toasted and sliced nuts
  • sliced leafy herbs
  • balsamic decrease
  • squeezes of lemon
  • more ground black pepper


  • Preheat the oven to 400 ° F.
  • Get rid of the core from the cauliflower and slice it into rough florets. Location the florets into a 9 x 13 glass baking meal.
  • Slice the potatoes into pieces about half the size of the cauliflower florets and toss them into the baking meal also.
  • Slice the onions into rough 1-2 inch pieces and toss them into the meal. It does not matter if the onion layers adhere to each other.
  • Sprinkle the rosemary leaves over the veggies in the meal. Freely salt the veggies and season with pepper to taste. Include the oil and toss the veggies up until uniformly covered with the oil, rosemary, and spices.
  • Roast veggies for about an hour, turning and tossing them occasionally with a spatula/spoon to promote even browning. When done, eliminate from the oven and put the lemon juice over the hot veggies (I simply drop the lemon half into the warm pan when I’m done so that it can launch some oil too). Utilizing your spatula, toss the veggies with the lemon juice, scraping the browned bits off the bottom.
  • Once the veggies are cool enough for you to manage, begin mixing them in batches with the veggie stock. Purée up until smooth and put into a huge soup pot. Continue mixing in batches up until you have actually consumed whatever. Heat the larg pot filled with puréed soup over medium heat up until it concerns a boil. Include more stock or water to thin the soup out if needed and change spices to taste. Serve hot with optional garnishes.


  • If you aren’t utilizing homemade stock, many certainly utilize a no-salt-added range. I recommend on freely salting the veggies pre-roasting, so being in control of this aspect throughout is perfect.
  • If you’re preventing additional carbs, you can merely leave the potatoes out of the dish and double up the cauliflower.

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  • Kathryn

    Oh I understand that feeling all too well when I’m feeling favorable, I like to believe that each of those cooking area failures is making me a much better cook. In the darker minutes, I seem like never ever turning the oven on once again. I constantly discover a requirement a killer dish because circumstance and this dish actually appears like one. Reply

  • Caitlin

    what a scrumptious, velvety soup! i, for one, am a substantial enthusiast of “peasant” type meals. and when roasted cauliflower is included … i’m leaping all over it. Reply

  • Natasha

    I had a comparable experience a couple of weeks back. I believe I made 3 various things in a week, all failures. I chose it wasn’t indicated to be and took a break from attempting to make it work. I think I simply required to reset. I seem like I find out a lot from the failures though, so I think it’s okay to have them. And going back to something attempted and real most likely assists. This soup looks fantastic warming and soothing. Reply

  • thelittleloaf

    I like that image with the cauliflower and lemon lovely! When it comes to errors, everybody makes them I have actually had numerous cooking area catastrophes however the positives constantly win through:RRB- Reply

  • Kierstan

    I am everything about roasted + pureed soups like this one. I am going to need to include it in to my rotation. Reply

  • Michelle

    Stunning, woman. This (plus my brand-new tea dependency) is precisely the example I require to get me through late February/early March. I seem like that is the time of Canadian winter season you begin questioning why you select to reside in this goddamn nation, am I right? The remainder of the time, it’s quite terrific. Reply

  • Kate

    Every failure teaches us a bit more about us, and about what we deal with, consume, share and discuss to others. I never ever take a look at them as a bad thing.

    I like the pictures of that soup, too. I like the textures versus the velvety background. Whenever I’m confronted with an efficiently pureed soup, I wish for something in it to sink my teeth in to, to seem like I’m in fact consuming something rather than tasting and swallowing. My teeth like the exercise, I believe. However leading a smooth soup with huge pieces of additionals, and I will dive in, spoon initially, and will likely turn up smiling. What a gorgeous meal. Reply

  • Mariela Alvarez-Toro

    Looks scrumptious. Amusing thing, I simply published about a cauliflower and leeks soup over at my blog site. Examine it out! And thanks for the lovely images. Reply

  • Leslie

    I am so grateful this requires rosemary, it is precisely the sort of active ingredient that can lure me to attempt a cauliflower soup. I can’t wait to make this for the weekend!

    And After That The Doorbell Rang Reply

  • Heather

    I’m grateful you lastly decided on this soup, due to the fact that it looks amazing. Reply

  • Suzanne @RollWithIt

    This soup looks best for a cold day. I like the concept of rosemary terrific concept!

    I had a week of baking catastrophes in my cooking area too the gluten-free cake mix is eliminating me today! Can not get the ideal consistency. So rather I made come glazed carrots and all was well on the planet once again. Reply

  • Michelle

    This looks so warming and filling. With the awful cold days we have actually been having in Boston I will certainly include this to the ever turning list of soup dishes I have actually been living off of. Reply

  • Joanne

    I like that you roasted the veggies for the soup … that need to offer it such a fantastic depth of taste! Reply

  • Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)

    Lovely! And sounds so scrumptious, too. Cauliflower is among my preferred veggies to roast. And particularly like all the interesting garnishes and garnishes:-RRB- Reply

  • [email protected] eco friendly homemaking

    Oh this soup looks fantastic!! Reply

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    This looks so magnificent! Reply

  • Eileen

    Hooray for velvety cauliflower soup! That rosemary looks so thick and green too.:-RRB- Reply

  • Shoba Shrinivasan

    Thats such a hearty warm filling soup. Appears like its a simple repair as you toss whatever consisting of the rosemary in to the oven and after that puree it … me Likes!!! Charming clicks by the method

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