The Vegetable Hamburger of My Dreams


The Vegetable Hamburger of My Dreams

” Each people feels some element of the world’s suffering acutely. And we should take note. We should act. This little corner of the world is ours to change. This little corner of the world is ours to conserve.”
Stephen Cope (seen in this month’s Yoga Journal)

I believe that has to do with all I need to provide you today, aside from the dish naturally. These lettuce-wrapped vegetable thrills made my little world rather brilliant when I lastly got the ratios, salt/spice levels, stickiness and so on to my preference. The patties have whatever that hippie dreams are made from basically.

There’s wild rice, millet, tamari, dietary yeast, sliced up tempeh, grated veg, the entire tree-hugging ambiance thing. This is no circumstances of beef hamburger mimesis and it’s not a heavy-topped/” supreme” vegetable hamburger kinda scene either (in some cases those are excellent though). It’s a little giving/crazy moist, crunchy-golden-crispy on the outdoors and very flavourful in a manner that does not recommend animal protein, which is perfect for my own taste.

Most notably, the hamburger can stand alone. Obviously I would not let it, however this appears essential to point out. I served it up with a sliced up ripe mango, great deals of sriracha, sweet pea shoots and small, pungent red onion slivers. Well balanced, portable and beautiful.

I lettuce covered these since I’m feeling that sort of lightness recently. I have about a jillion things on my plate nowadays, however I have actually been attempting to go carefully into Spring in a complete mind and body sense. Hope you’re all being great to yourselves in your own corners of the world too:-RRB-

Print the dish here!
NOTES: I leave a great deal of space for mods here since I understand everybody’s spice/ingredient requirements are various. Likewise, I would extremely advise cooling the patties for a minimum of an hour prior to preparing them to let them establish all correct. I have not attempted barbecuing these, however I seem like that endeavour would be not successful. Sauté all the method! (If you attempt baking or barbecuing or some other technique, let me understand how it goes)

patty active ingredients:
1/2 cup millet, rinsed
1/2 cup brown basmati rice, rinsed
1/2 cup nuts + seeds (I utilized walnuts + sunflower seeds)
1 clove of garlic, peeled
3/4 cup approximately sliced red onion
1/2 cup grated veggies (I utilized carrots + golden beets)
3/4 cup approximately sliced tempeh
1.5 tablespoon tamari soy sauce
2 tablespoon GF flour mix (or wholewheat, spelt and so on)
2 tsp natural, non-GMO corn starch OR arrowroot powder
2 tablespoon dietary yeast
1.5 tablespoon ground spices (I utilized za’atar, ancho chili powder + Old Bay flavoring)
1/4 cup sliced herbs/greens (I utilized thyme + arugula)
salt + pepper
1-2 tablespoon water

assembly active ingredients:
grapeseed/coconut oil for sautéeing
1-2 heads of butter/bibb lettuce, cleaned and leaves apart
sliced ripe mango
red onion slivers
pea shoots/other sprouts
+ anything else you like!

Integrate the millet and wild rice with 2 1/2 cups of water in a medium pan over medium heat. Include a pinch of salt. Bring this mix to a boil and simmer up until all of the water is taken in about 15 minutes. The grains will still be rather chewy. Scrape the prepared grains into a big bowl and enable them to cool a bit.

In a food mill, integrate the nuts/seeds, garlic, sliced onion, grated veggies and tempeh. Pulse the mix a couple of times up until a damp + chunky paste kinds (does not that sound excellent?!?). Scrape this mix into the big bowl with the prepared millet and wild rice.

Include all of the staying active ingredients to the bowl other than for the water. Stir whatever together up until completely integrated and the mix looks like a thick paste. It must hold together when you pinch it with your fingers. Include 1-2 tablespoons of water if essential to bind it at this moment and blend one more time.

Type the mix into 6-8 patties with your hands. Put them on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet, cover them in cling wrap and position them in the refrigerator for a minimum of an hour. If you wish to freeze these infants, position the covered tray in the freezer for an hour or more to firm the patties up. Then separately cover them/place all of the patties in a big zippy bag for optimum storage capability.

To prepare: Heat a big sauté pan over medium heat. Cover the bottom with grapeseed/other neutral oil (like a 1/4 -1/ 3 inch? you might likewise spray the pan with oil if you have a misto thing). Carefully move 2-3 patties to the pan and sauté up until golden on the bottom, about 3-4 minutes. Turn the patties over and cook up until golden on the other side, another 3 minutes. I sort of pushed the patties up versus the sides of the pan to brown them all over too. Repeat with staying patties, while you keep the prepared ones warm.

Serve the hot vegetable patties with lettuce covers, garnishes and so on

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  • Marta @ What must I consume for breakfast today

    No bread in burges I like it a lot. I might consume as numerous as I desired as it’s healthy and looks so tasty. Terrific concept and incredible photos. Reply

  • forkandflower

    words can’t reveal just how much i like this … i wish to do this, like, as soon as possible, or today? however in some way i’m stuck in the workplace today … schmeh. thanks for the motivation! Reply

  • sarahsscribble

    I love this! healthy however a little indulgent all at the very same time! Like you, frequently I appear to have a million things on the list of LIFE and a dish like this frequently makes whatever a lot better …


    Doodles xx Reply

  • Jeanine

    Love it with all those greens, yum! Beautiful images … Reply

  • carly morgan

    OKAY- this is the veggie hamburger of MY dreams!! looks too great. can’t wait to remake:-RRB- ps- i NEVER follow dishes, and constantly create em on my own however this one i am so down for!!! xx thank ya! ps- beautiful beautiful images! Reply

  • Sara

    Actually wish to attempt this. I am constantly frightened to attempt dishes for patties of any type as they break down on me no matter what I do, however it deserves attempting once again! Simply begun attempting tempeh and am a big fan. Reply

  • Caitlin

    this is definitely a veggie hamburger with a bit of whatever in there! i like the lettuce wrapping, too. no requirement to weigh down this appeal with bread. Reply

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    This looks amazing! Love the images you took too:-RRB- Reply

  • Alexa

    I am constantly trying to find sandwich and hamburger dishes without bread this is best! stunning images too! Reply

  • Ashley

    Ummmm. I do not even understand where to begin so I’m going to make a LIST for this remark. 1 You had me at (hi) “veggie hamburger of my dreams” and “tree-hugging ambiance thing.” 2 Fantastic utilizing tempeh! Have not attempted that yet. 3 I desire your quartz counters. 4 I like that your wood spoon is charred on completion. ALL of my wood spoons are charred. 5 The tray setup made me believe, “breakfast in bed,” however how amazing would, “hamburgers in bed” be!? You understand, after a mid-afternoon nap. 6 Lettuce covers. Mmmhm. 7 Perfect lighting. 8 You sort of rock. Let’s be friends. Reply

  • Julia

    beautiful little post. sweet pictures. rockin’ hamburger!! i believe i might in fact have all of the active ingredients on hand to make these!! pumped. thanks:-RRB- Reply

  • Kathryne

    That is the most best quote for today, Laura. And discuss the vegetable hamburgers of MY dreams I like how you covered them in lettuce. Vegetable hamburgers with huge buns are simply too bread-y for me. Got ta attempt these asap. Reply

  • Michelle

    This looks amazing and your photography is incredible! I simply began consuming vegan 2 months back and am still searching for an excellent vegetable hamburger dish (they all appear so concentrated on black beans!) I can’t wait to attempt this out

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