alex crucit


My guy got home with a quite pot of spring flowers and some vegan and gluten-free cupcakes the other night. I was undoubtedly so pleased in a warm-fuzzy method over the deals with and his basic consideration, however he began informing me about a latte that he got at the bakeshop and my ears livened up genuine fast. It was a lemon meringue sort of number with a tea base. It sounded amazing and I desired one all for myself instantly.

So I played around with the concept and created this. It’s so calming and velvety! It’s become my night elixir of option recently. I keep a lot of necessary oils around for combining with some Dr. Bronner’s soap or for diffusing/humidifying. I understood that lemon juice or passion would not work in a beverage that had a milky base since coagulation of any sort is gross. This is where lemon necessary oil can be found in. All of the pure lemon flavour and none of the odd textural modifications. I hope a few of you get the opportunity to unwind with a good cup of this over the (looong!) weekend. To the links!

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